founded in 2017


The start-up NK Systems develops, sells and supports customer-specific high-performance computing solutions in the fields of events, film and TV productions. Our products stand for sophisticated hardware concepts, innovative network solutions as well as easy handling and cost-efficiency. 

We set new standards. 

NK Systems was founded in 2017 with the idea of developing simple and cost-effective high-performance server solutions that facilitate a wide variety of workflows across multiple industries. 

Like many ideas before, ours was created in a garage and was realized by a lot of research, dedication and passion of the founders. Our systems were already met with great interest during the early development, so that last year we were able to gain many valuable partners and experiences. 

We want to provide the fields of television, production and event with cost-effective high-performance solutions that are suited to the specific needs of our customers. 

To achieve that, all our systems can be seamlessly implemented into existing infrastructures for maximum usability and comfort.   

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